Hydra was formed in 2015 to offer a variety of age group developmental water polo activities in Kingston. This was done to build on the rich history with the sport locally at Queen’s University over many years. This development is done in partnership with the city and Queen’s Varsity teams.

Registration is open at all times throughout the season to encourage growth and development of all programs. The club goal is to build programs that will be competitive with other Ontario clubs with teams of athletes aged 12 to 16.

Novice Level

1 practice per week on Thursday from 6:00-7:00pm at Artillery Park.

This is an introduction to club water polo and is based on teaching the Technical Foundations of the sport according to the national Long Term Athlete Development model. The game is taught at a fundamental level.  There are currently 3 age groups; 12 & Under (2008), 14 & Under (2006), 16U (2004).

Novice participants train alongside more experienced players so there is a setting that encourages mentorship at each stage.

House League Level

2 practices per week with Hydra, one at Artillery Park on Thursday (6:00-7:00pm), one at Queen’s ARC Pool on Tuesday (7:00-8:00pm).

This is also based on Technical Foundations but on a larger scale; all deep water, longer distances of swimming and passing, more drills using technical 1 vs 1 skills and learning to apply things in group settings.

Competitive Level

3 practices per week.

This program operates during the winter when selected players are integrated with Queen’s Varsity teams during their off-season. It takes place on Wednesday night with time TBA. This session is based on game play.


New in 2019 we will be changing some of the practice structure within our mixed age group setting. There will be some station work this year where older ages are teaching sub groups different skills and sharing each night. This will give variety to players and identify leadership with older athletes.

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